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Strange men came into our home, like those homosexuals that do make-overs...

And I thought the end of the world couldn't get any worse.

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This basically amounts to my all things fandom-related journal. RL is kept to a minimum, as I imagine it bores the pants off my own friends as it is.

The overwhelming focus of my attention these days is Harry Potter, which is seriously enough of a time suck and I don't need to spend any more time with my computer than I already do. However, Battlestar Galactica & Doctor Who have been sneaking in a bit more here and there. Outside of those, other fandom-related interests include Buffy/Angel, Twin Peaks, Firefly/Serenity and Lord of the Rings, though I don't participate in them as actively (or at all, unless you consider babbling inanely with friends at the pub its own version of fandom).

If I've friended you it is because I like your fic, art, random fandom rants and/or meta and want to try to keep up on new stuff you do.

If you want to friend me, consider this your invitation to go right ahead. No need to ask. Say hi if the fancy strikes you.
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